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Last year Adam Keller and his boyfriend Jared Marinelli became an Internet sensation when Adam choreographed the perfect flashmob wedding proposal; they both became a ‘Joy Story’ as the video went viral getting 14 million hits!

Fast–forward to September 2017 and both Adam and Jared (#TeamJadam) have finally reached the next chapter of their story – married life! Yesterday you saw the final prep for their big day… and the nervous butterflies that Adam & Jared battled!

Now comes Part II of the video the world has been waiting to see… THE AMAZING LOVE STORY, THE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL CEREMONY, and the PARTY to end all parties… IT IS HERE…. The Joy Story Wedding!

At the end of Part I, we were left with an array of emotions. We witnessed Adam and Jared sharing their “First Look” before the wedding ceremony, they shared their hopes for the day and their guests (which literally brought us to tears), and to top it off, we got a sneak peek at their wedding vows…, the reception decorations, as well as the red carpet arrival of the guests.

BUT now it’s time for PART II! – THE WEDDING!

Guests arrived at Adam & Jared’s beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony and reception to elegant signs, centerpieces, and beautiful floral arrangements on Jadam’s friend Allison Stockel’s estate.

The food was great, the music was fun, and the decorations were beautiful, but what stood out the most was the love and support that was present for Mr. & Mr. Marinelli. “We’re here for you guys…We are your support system…. Thank you family for coming out today and shinning your love on these two beautiful humans,” delivers Wedding Officiant, Flo Pritchard.

Their hand-written wedding vows captured the love we’ve seen between the two for the past 18 months and the speeches from family and friends were truly inspiring to listen to.

“Love is a flashmob on bikes and that’s life for you, too. It’s a crazy, wild, glorious, sometimes a terrifying surprise, but the best part of the surprise is the discovery that you are not alone. You are now a team united together for whatever comes your way,” says Flo.

Good luck Mr. & Mr. Marinelli. We wish you forever love, ENDLESS HAPPINESS… and a long and beautiful marriage.

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