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A big scandal between the Russian-speaking LGBT community represented by Alexey Gorshkov (co-president of Russian LGBT) ( and one of the pro-Trump activists and a possible candidate to the New York City government from Brighton Beach Malka Shahar ( has broken out recently.

The story began with a broadcast on the RTVi channel dedicated to state social assistance in the USA. The experts who were invited to take part in it were Alexey Gorshkov and Malka Shahar. During this broadcast Ms. Shahar more than once allowed herself racist, homophobic and xenophobic statements, which aroused Alexey’s and host’s resentment.

You can watch the recording of this program below:

After the program, Malka Shahar began developing this topic on her personal Facebook page, referring mainly to homophobic and personal insults to Alexey and the LGBT community in general. She got a lot of homophobic and racist comments from the residents of Brighton Beach below the post.

malka sagarcommentsmalka sagarmalka sagarmalka sagarcommentsIn his turn Alexey Gorshkov says that, he is not going to enter into a dispute in social networks, but he will act in the legal field, which is governed by the laws of the United States.

At the moment, the consultations with lawyers and activists from human rights organizations of both the LGBT community and organizations defending the rights of the black population take place.

All the information and statements of Malki Shahar and her supporters are collected, systematized and translated into English.

As a result, a complaint will be given to the law enforcement agencies as well as a lawsuit to the court.

Today little information is known about Malka Shahar. She was born and raised in Dagestan where she got an education at a local university. She lived in the town of Boksitogorsk (Leningrad region, Russia) where in 2000 she ran for deputies of the local settlement, but she didn’t win.

In 2004, when she arrived to the United States on a tourist visa, she asked for political asylum as a person persecuted by “Putin’s people”, but she got a refusal. For 6 years she was trying to obtain a legal status in the US and in 2010 she received a green card. Malka is widely known for her racist and xenophobic radical views on Brighton Beach, and due to this she more than once got condemnation from the figures of the Republican Party in Brooklyn.

Now she dreams of making a political career and getting elected to the city council of New York from Brighton Beach.

The further events development will be available on

The material was released by Facebook group «Rainbow America».

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