Sean Hayes’ husband Scott Icenogle talked about how much he loves his husband to a room full of people.

Hayes was at a live Q&A for Will & Grace and his husband was right in the front row for support.

Then, all eyes turned to Icenogle as one audience member asked, “Can I ask your husband what it’s like being married to you? Are you always funny?” To which Sean replied, “Yeah, no. I’m a nightmare.”

But Scott was quick to deny that and said to the audience, “We laugh a lot, no joke. We live, we love, we laugh, and that’s how we rule our lives together.”

“We have our downtime. I know Sean sometimes gets a little exhausted with trying to always be ‘on.’ When he’s in public a lot of people think he’s Jack, and only refer to him as Jack. He’s like ‘Actually it’s Sean!’ And they’re like, ‘Nope, you’re Jack!”’

Meanwhile, Megan Mullally, who was also at the Q&A, talked about her marriage to Nick Offerman.

“I think [Sean] and I, in our relationships, we’re the delicate, fragile [ones] who have to be scraped off the floor every other day. They’re the perfect rocks who hold us up and keep us together. So thanks!”

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