The web series I’m Fine is back, and this time it’s tackling the topics of being Asian, being bi-racial, and being gay.

The second season of I’m Fine premiered recently on Deeko and people are already talking about its plot.

The comedy series, which is written and directed by Brandon Kirby, follows a diverse group of gay men dealing with love, life, and Los Angeles.

At the start of this second season, character Jeff, who’s played by Lee Doud, explores the realities of dating while being racially mixed.

For instance, in one scene, which you watch below, we see Jeff on a date with a white man who can’t get over the fact that he “doesn’t look Asian.”

While promoting the web series, Doud shared his mentality for Jeff’s arc in this second season.

“Brandon and I got to talking about where Jeff’s story was heading,” Doud explains. “I told him I really wanted to address Jeff’s/my race.”

“I’m half Chinese and half Caucasian, and not only are Asian-Americans wildly underrepresented in film and TV but I also believe Asian-American men are desexualized in media.”

Doud continues, “The date itself is more of an amalgamation of some experiences I’ve had as someone of mixed race, either being mistaken for another ethnicity or just not being ‘enough’ of one or the other to fit a stereotype or preconceived notion.”

Again, you can check out the scene down below:

Like what you see? You can check out the first episode HERE.

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