Okay, so is every gay and every lesbian present? Great, then that means we can proceed with yet another weekly top, presenting all the interesting and steamy news that you may have missed during the last 7 days. Which, if you ask us, it is completely unacceptable. So let’s get going and see where will the road take us:

  1. Russell Tovey and Jay Armstrong Johnson get intimate


That’s right, the title is not meant to be clickbait. It is exactly what you think it is. We are talking about 2 hot guys, who have decided to go wild and simply strip naked and cuddle with one another. It all happened during the release of the new season of Quantico and the pictures are quite steamy to be honest. Check it out and share your impressions with us.


  1. Bisexual fathers with kids open up

fatherI know, such a shameless pun…But it was unintended, because, no matter how dirty our minds are, all they do is talk. And, no matter how uninteresting it may sound, compared to the alternative, what they have to say it is actually quite interesting indeed. In short, you will read the stories of several bisexual dads who are also bit kinky. How does that affected their family life and parenthood? Find it out.

  1. Steve Grand versus anti-gay Halloween protesters

grandHe decided to set aside the shame and civility and he straight up rammed into a crowd of anti-gay protesters. His bulged opened the way. I know, it sounds dirty, but it is okay, because it was dirty. It was a fight that the homophobes had no chance of winning. It was a bloodbath.


  1. Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien

kissRyan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien what? What do they do? A legitimate question, isn’t it? Well, they make out. Here, how does that sound? Fortunately, this is not a joke, but something you can please yourself with, because it actually happened. It is all part of the Notebook sequel and the visuals are delicious. If you still think we are making fun of you, have a look on your own:

  1. Surprise BJ

free timeWhat would you do if, when giving your boyfriend a bj, his dad would walk into the room? If you consider this a horror scenario, also consider that it actually happened to two guys, one of which is now looking for assistance on the internet. What can he do next?

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