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Missed us, gays and girls? Very good, because this has been a steamy week and we have to share with you all of the goodies that you may have missed. This week we had our hands full, because the world is big and diverse and you would not believe the stories that have reached our ears. And, soon, yours too. This is another weekly top, encompassing all the subjects that you may have missed since our last Sunday encounter, so here we go:

  1. Straight guy ends up in a gay club

Gay_barImagine you are a straight individual, looking to have some fun in his night off and ends up in the filthiest and nastiest gay bar you would have ever imagined existed. Well, this is what happened to Kyle in Berlin. He didn’t noticed at first, but when things ended up becoming really hot, he realized his mistake. Because Berghain is known worldwide for its exquisite gay sex parties. Want to see the review? Please, follow the link, because the details are something to remember.

  1. Warwick Rowers new calendar will make your blood boil

Warwick-RowersThis is the tradition and we all love it. The warwick guys do the same thing every year: they strip naked for a greater cause. Whether it is homophobia, bullying or any other social problems gay teenagers face, these guys show their support by posing for the annual calendar for fund raising purposes. We can’t say we don’t like it. Because we do and so will you. Here, take your time.

  1. Chris Mears honestly opens up about his sexuality

chris-mearsYou cannot but love this young and gorgeous specimen. His eyes will definitely stun you and if they don’t, his smile certainly will. Now he opens up about how good he feels in his shoes and he sends a message to all those who find it difficult to be happy in their own skin.


  1. Gay guy had sex with his straight friend

depressed-manWe can imagine how difficult such a situation might be. One guy, however, had the opportunity to experience it firsthand, after he hooked up with his best friend, who happens to be straight. He asked for advices on Reddit, because where else could you get life advices from, right? That doesn’t mean that Reddit didn’t deliver. He actually got quite a few responses.

  1. Dylan Rosser in the shower

dylan_rosser_wetWe all like naked men in the shower. The sexier the better. Who doesn’t? Fortunately, this week we have had our hands full with Dylan’s sexy body and we definitely liked it. We know you will like it too, so have a go at it.

  1. How much money would a straight guy accept to bang a gay one?

A homosexual coupleThis is a question that could shed a new light on how homosexuality is viewed among the straight population. You think people are usually intolerant and mostly disgusted by homosexuality? Think again, our friends, because the reality shows completely different figures. It all happened on Reddity, where one guy wanted to know how much money straight men would accept for a steamy sex night with a gay dude.

  1. John Barrowman boyfriend’s dong

gay srar

Yea, we all saw it. It happened while John Barrowman was streaming live from his pool and his lover Scott Gill appeared in the back with his monkey hanging. And what a monkey that was. Barrowman recently got his Human Rights Campaign Award several days ago and he felt the need to bring that topic into discussion. Haven’t seen the video yet? Have a look.

  1. Instagram guys deliver again

Shirtless-electionsThe recent results to the 2016 elections have reached to Instagram too and a lot of guys felt the need to offer us some of their thoughts on the matter.

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