Here we go again, gay brothers! We have to admit, this has been a full week. It has been full with stories, romances and cool news, along with some interesting insights in the LGBT world. If you haven’t had the chance of reading about them, don’t worry, our job is to keep you posted. So here are this week’s most interesting topics you may have missed on:

  1. An insight in the gay world of fraternity brotherhoods

gaysBeing gay is not such a big deal. There is nothing exciting about being gay anymore. But how about a predominantly gay fraternity that also accepts straight guys as brothers? And how is life in such a fraternity, what secrets are being kept from us? Fortunately, we were able to find out some of these secrets through a gay brother who opened the door for us and what we found may sweep you off your shoes. Read his whole story here.

  1. Weird trend among the gay bars

club partyIf you are among those who live their life in gay bars across the country, then maybe you have encountered this strange behavior that keeps winning more ground among the gay bars. Psychologists explain what led to the emergence of this trend and what it signifies. Check it out:

  1. Twin footballers sexy photo stock

TwinsYou may already be full with semi-naked, scorching hot photos with young, steaming guys, in the possession of godlike bodies. I know you are. But how about this: twin brothers, both playing college football in L.A., with a mind bending sex appeal and incredibly fit and sexy bodies. Their Instagram photo stock will leave you drooling. Have a look at their photos here and have fun!


  1. VIDEO: Gay striptease in gym locker room

strip teaseThis one is as interesting and as hot as it sounds. What could be more appealing than a men full locker and an amateur striptease gay star, who decides it is time for an ad-hoc show? Check it out on your own.

  1. The NSFW yearbook prank gone wrong


Red Mountain High school is the name of the institution and Hunter Osborn is the name of the culprit. The crime is that he exposed himself during the group photo shoot at the end of the year. More than 3.000 students have received a copy of the yearbook, before the administration figured out what had happened. Now it seems like the young footballer is in trouble. Check it out here.

  1. The beginning of gay porn

seedmoney_leo_ford_styleA documentary has been released to the general public, showing how the gay porn industry met its breakthrough in the early ‘80s. It shows an interesting part of the gay porn history not everybody may be familiarized with. Watch official trailer of this film here.


  1. The story of two lifetime friends who fall in love with one another

friendsThe story is pretty simple. They have been long time friends and one of them falls for the other one. Their story unveils to be quite interesting as one is gay and the other one straight. Which does not seem to support their relationship at all? Or does it? Find it out on your own here.

Hope you will follow us the next week and don’t miss anything interesting on our site. Otherwise you will have an opportunity to get the most popular news of the week in one article the next Sunday.

Stay with us! More latest news and gay stories are coming soon!

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