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Hey there, gay population! We are back with yet another weekly recapitulation of our most interested stories and subjects. Last week we had the pleasure of going through a lot of gay hunks like few are: hot, gorgeous, stunning and mostly perfect. And since there are so many of them out there, just waiting to be discovered and brought into the day light. And boy what a show that is!

However, this week we have a lot of stories to share with you, not only scorching hot gay male profiles. This does not mean we do not have our fair share of gay princes to share with you and we will start our weekly countdown with the most appealing of them:

  1. Seth Wilkerson teaches us about upside down pushups

Seth WilkersonLast week’s Instagram raid brought us Seth Wilkerson and his uplifting fitness skills. We are being taught about the benefits of upside down pushups and the ways to build an impeccable body. We came for the tips, we stayed for the stunningly awesome body and we immediately fell in love with him. Check it out and drool!

  1. Gay werewolves and stuff

werewolfI know you have always wondered what you need to do when going on a gay meeting with a  werewolf, right? I mean…who hasn’t? Well, lucky you and mostly all of us, we have the exact tip for you. An animated series teaching us just that. Dirty Paws is the game and…and…dirtier is the game. Don’t believe me? Check it out using the following link.

  1. Nick Jonas fiery show


Long time no see, sir Jonas! Fortunately, fans had yet another opportunity of meeting their idol in his latest show that took place at the 2016’s Video Music Awards. That would be the first part of the show, obviously, since the second part quickly moved in the open, in the Madison Square Garden. However, what impressed above his entertaining skills was how he was dressed. Far from being inadequate, his outfit did raise some interest, especially over the internet. There is no way you can ever miss this one!

  1. Olly Murs completely naked


Olly Murs. You know the guy. He’s quite handsome and adorable. And he has got talent. Now he went naked and we could not be any happier. The guy definitely lost some pounds and got into shape pretty fast and he wanted to share his achievements with his fans. So he went naked. Why not, right? Feel free to check his pics here.

  1. True gay story in rugby on the big screen

gay rugby

A new documentary is being released, presenting the inspiring story of several rugby players who competed in the 17th Annual Bingham Cup in Sidney and we get to find out the struggles all of them had to go through in a homophobic environment, as well as the sacrifices they had to make in order to succeed. It is an uplifting story and you can check the trailer here.

  1. Colin Kaepernick and the reasons we love him


Aside from his gorgeous body, filled with tattoos, muscles and awesomeness, there are several other reasons why we fell in love with Colin. Check him out and share your thoughts with us.

  1. Can you really be only gay in bed?


Just when you think you have seen it all, something else strikes you and you soon realize the world is a much bigger and divers place than you may have thought. This article approaches the situation of a gay couple with an interesting problem. One of the partners declares he is only gay in bed. Other than that… he is not, apparently. Read the whole story here.

  1. Colton Hayes sends nude pics of himself to his friends

Colton Haynes

Oh, Colton, you nasty, nasty, gorgeously looking stallion…We never hoped to say this, but Colton has gone astray for all of us. Apparently, he likes to share nude pics with his friends and we must say he does have a taste in humor. Not to mention we were simply thunder-struck at the sight of his hot and trimmed body. Give us more, Colton, please! Check out the photo here.

Don’t miss the next portion of hot news in a week! Stay with!

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