Hello, fellow gay brothers! This has been an incendiary week for all of us and we had our hands full with a lot of news and stories from across the gay world. Once again, we bring into your attention the most memorable moments that have taken place over the last 7 days, for those of you who haven’t had the time to check them out until now. For our first subject, it is something coming straight from the perverse world of gay couples.

  1. Gay cuckolding on the rise

cuckoldingYou may have heard the term or, at least, you may already know the act itself, without knowing this is the term defining it. Cuckolding refers to watching your partner have sex with another person, usually someone with a larger junk. It is something you usually see among the straight couples, but according to the latest researches, the same is occurring with gays. It seems like more and more of them are adopting cuckolding in their relationship. Care to know more details about it? See for yourself.

  1. David Macintosh’s speedo struggle

hunkThere is not much to explain here, other than the gorgeous tattooed man who tries to fit his massive manhood into a tiny speedo. The video is delicious and you do not have to take our word for it. Have a taste of it yoursef.


  1. Half naked David Beckham push-ups

footballerSounds like an awesome gay porn title. I know. For all you guys drooling over there, you have plenty of reasons to do so. We have a video of a half naked David Beckham (yes, THAT David Beckham) who does 22 push-ups every day for 22 consecutive days. It is the result of a challenge between him and Guy Ritchie, a close friend of his, to raise awareness about military personnel who tries to recover from post conflict trauma. I admit it, although the subject is serious, all I could think about was his breathtakingly stunning body tensed and fit, while doing those sexy push-ups. I know, David is not gay, but I don’t care. And you can’t make me care.

  1. One man’s out-of-the-closet drama

regretHave you ever thought about your family being over acceptant of you being gay? I know how it sounds. It sounds crazy. This is what a guy is being battling with. He came out of the closet only to realize his family is OVER supportive. Meaning that all they do is talk about him being gay in all aspects. It sounds weird enough when explained like that, but the truth is even weirder. Check it out here.

  1. Keith Carlos’s sexiness

poseHe is the America’s Next Top Model, he is hot, gay and almost naked. The guy is 28 year old and he just posted a selfie that will make you drool like no one’s business. Also, we have a video with him playing in the shower. It cannot get any better than this!

  1. Bieber gay porn parody

johnnyjustinStarring the infamous Johnny Rapid, this awesomely looking Justin Bieber of the gay world and Justin Bieber himself, this straight guy with a lot of gay followers. Men’s Magazine decided to take on a Calvin Klein ad Bieber took part in on the cover of the magazine and casted Johnny Rapid to impersonate the star. The result is absolutely delicious.

  1. Dan Osborne and his bulge

osborneWe have had a lot of bulging stars this week. Now it is Dan Osborne’s turn to dress into some tight pants and show us a glimpse of his manhood. You cannot but appreciate him for thinking about us. Have a look.

  1. The gay Orthodox Calendar is back

Horny-priestThis 2017 version is hotter, daring and exquisite and there is no way to miss it. For those of you who have loyally followed the series, this has to go into your personal collection. Just have a look!

  1. Pietro Bosseli’s attempt to steal out hearts

pietro-boselliHe is model, mathematician, gay and gorgeous and now he is also naked. Finally, if I could say so myself! Please, see for yourself the hunk in his full splendor!

Don’t miss to see our next post next Sunday!

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