Hello again gay audience! We are back yet again with another weekly summary, containing both interesting news and half and fully naked gay stars. Which is what matters, really, because what could be more appealing than a hot stud, showing us some skin? Particularly when talking about public figures like you are about to see. This being said, let’s begin our journey through the week’s most memorable news and see what you have missed so far:

  1. Game of Thrones’ gay scenes

“Game Of Thrones”The erotica present in the series is already notorious, but now there is something new on the scene. We are talking about Gethin Anthony being the star of a gay sex scene, which he actually appreciated more than you might think. Check out his own words on the matter here.


  1. Sam Callahan’s nudes

x factorYou all remember former X Factor star, Sam Callahan, right? Well, if you only remember the 2013 Sam, check it out the new one, because he has some surprises for you. He went through a major physical change and we have to confess our admiration for his dedication. Fortunately, Sam leaves little to imagination, because one of his Instagram pics reveals a nude. Have a look at his collection.

  1. Justin Theroux and his infamous sweatpants

theroux-sweatpantsIf you remember the specific episode from „Leftovers” that showed Justin jogging in his grey sweatpants, then you definitely know what made them so infamous. Shortly put, it is about his ginormous bulge that even made the media cover the subject during Conan O’Brien’s show in 2014 and a year later in E!News. Now the subject has been opened once again and Justin finally speaks openly about it. Check out his response and the pics to his proud package.

  1. Calum Best naked

calumIn the shower. And we have a video to prove it. Not much to talk about the subject, just click the video and enjoy. The video is a behind-the-scene snapshot, during the filming of a clothing commercial. I am sorry, did I mention we have 2 videos? I know they’re short, but there are two of them to sink your teeth in. Figuratively speaking. Have fun!

  1. Gay pornhub statistics

pornographyOkay, so I bet you have wondered what gay guys search during their Pornhub trips, right? Well, lucky you, Pornhub itself has published a statistic showing precisely what gay guys are looking for on their site and I have to say, the results might surprise you. But do not let me spoil the surprise, check it out on your own.

  1. A wife discovered her man was having sex with other…dudes

gay husbandThis could be a life shocker, I will give it that. However, you may never guess what the woman did next. While some may believe a divorce ensued, what happened is actually something you would expect to see in a movie. A dirty, dirty and sexy movie. If you have not seen this news, you cannot miss it!

  1. Another wife, the same problem

gay hubbyIf you thought the story above was weird to say the least, here you go another one, which seems to be identical. This time we have a lady who posted her story on Reddit, claiming that her husband may be gay and asking for an advice. Goes without saying that the world is weirder than you may have thought.

  1. Spanish soccer players sex tapes scandal

soccer playersThis is a bit of a shocker, I will admit it, and it still is a shocker to a lot of the people who know the two players. A sex tape has leaked to the public, involving the two in some…rather spicy circumstances. Don’t worry, not only we have the full story, but also the sex tape itself to offer you.

Until next time, stay gay!

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