Hey, long time no see, queers! These 7 days have been filled with interesting topics and, as you are already used to, we will take them one at a time.

  1. Sam Callahan nude-ish pic leak

X-FactorThe “X Factor” contestant apologized for the leaked pictures, representing him in Adam’s suit. He apologized. There is no need for that, Sam, nobody was mad at you to begin with. But since you so kindly insisted, we forgive you. There! Also, we will keep forgiving you every time another set of leaked naked pics will appear.

  1. Jack Merridew is back in business

“Slutty Halloween Costume” Guy Is Back With A New Array Of LooksHe is simply known as the guy who invented the slutty Halloween. If you thought the last one was naughty, you should check this year’s Halloween, filled with slutty figures, coming from all the corners of the working market. Everyone is a slut now, doctors, sportsmen, superheroes, you name it.


  1. Everybody wants to be gay nowadays

gay quotesThis sounds… awkward. Right? Well, it seems like there is a seed of truth in this, according to the latest internet trend. Apparently, a lot of straight guys wished they were gay. Some call it an identity crisis, some use the ”juvenile stupid” label. Whatever the case may be, these people exist and you cannot ignore them. Regardless of what you may think.


  1. Harry Potter – Gay and scorching hot

harry photoThis seemed to be the theme of a recent photo shoot and if you ask us, it turned out perfect. This is how you have never seen Harry Potter and we assure you that you will never look at him with the same yes. Thanks to the model Zachary Howell, you will have an epiphany you will never forget. Bon appetite!

  1. Wanna see Zach Efron butt naked?

zac-efronRedundant question. Of course you do, everybody does. Since the star celebrates his 29th birthday, we figured we might as well make a compilation of all the moments when he appeared on screen, in…compromising pictures. As in half and even fully naked. There are no words describing it, so have fun.


  1. Robert Sugden came out as bisexual in the last episode of Emmerdale

EmmerdaleIt represented a brain-freeze experience for the audience, especially since it has been such a genuine declaration, almost naive in its essence. What is there not to like?

  1. Nyle Dimarco, naked and wet

nyleIn his bathtub, alone and sexy. And he is not the only one featuring in the Tate Tullier photo shoot. The series is packed with gorgeous hunks, posing in provocative positions in their bathtubs and we promise you will have a blast going through all the compilation.


  1. Garret Clayton refuses to talk about his sexuality

kingcobraThe “King Cobra” star was invited to open the subject during an interview, but he declined, saying he does not want the subject to distract the attention from his work. So, how would that happen, Garret? Have anything important you would like to tell us?

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