king cobra

If you haven’t heard of the ultimate gay film, you should know that something steamy is going to take over the big screen, and that is King Cobra, a movie about the gay porn industry starring hotties from Hollywood.

James Franco, Garrett Clayton and Christian Slater are few of the actors we’ll see in hot gay sex scenes in the movie about the murder of Bryan Kocis, producer of adult movies featuring young men.


Garret Clayton talked about his scene with Christian Slater. Clayton will portray Sean Paul Lockhart, a porn actor and Slater is his producer. There will be a variety of gay love-making scenes, and the director said that actors “took things further than the script.”

Asked about his steamy scenes with Christian Slater, the young former Disney actor replied:

“I think… Yes. (laughs) Yeah, the whole thing is kind of crazy. Sometimes I’d have to, like, take a deep breath and just be like, ‘It’s ok. It’s just a role.’ Because it’s a very intense movie, and there’s a lot of intense moments.”

James Franco will portray the porn rival of Slater’s character and will also have some sex-scenes worth seeing with his lover from in movie. Overall, this movie is nothing you’ve seen before.


“That’s the thing everyone has been saying, ‘This is something that hasn’t been done before,’” producer Scott Levenson said referring to the sexual content in the film.

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