Pedro and Lorenzo raise the temperature in their surreal and sexy cookery videos.

Portuguese couple Pedro and Lorenzo have already established a YouTube following with their provocative videos. One particularly popular one explored what happened when they walked around Lisbon holding hands.

However, not all of their films cover serious topics. Some are decidedly more lighthearted in tone. The Sexy Funny Kitchen (#SFK) series finds the boys preparing some of their favorite meals – in their own, inimitable, slightly surreal fashion.


‘We decided to separate our main YouTube channel from the Sexy Funny Kitchen channel. This second channel won’t be related to Equality, LGBT+ rights or to our personal life, this one is dedicated to all “Food Porn” lovers with a awesome sense of humor,’ Pedro and Lorenzo told GSN.

‘We are food fanatics! We love to eat, but most of all we love to cook. And when we cook alone at home, we’re always in a happy mood, singing, dancing and having fun. And yes, usually we are not wearing any clothes.
‘The only way we could recreate this personal experience to the subscribers, who we call “Sexy Cookers”, was by creating Sexy Funny Kitchen, original recipes explained step by step, with fun, crazy and sexy moments!’

The latest #SFK offering finds the guys preparing a healthy, vegan feast – roasted pumpkin, cherry tomato and broccoli with a dressing of blended avocado, peanut and olive oil.

Check out the recipe – and some of Pedro and Lorenzo’s culinary tips – below.


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