Shawn Mendes is not just a talented singer – he’s also super sexy. And recently, he also became an underwear model, in his now-famous semi-naked Calvin Klein campaign.

In a new interview, we get to hear Shawn discuss some of those underwear-and-oil moments, as well as a battle of muscles he might be planning with none other than Justin Bieber…

Shawn mendes calvin adShawn’s Calvin Klein ad

20-year-old Canadian hottie Shawn Mendes is touring Europe these days, and during the London-leg of his tour, he stopped to have a chat with Roman Kemp from CaptialFM radio.

Naturally, Roman had to compliment Shawn on how good he looks on stage these days. “I think that energy is down to the fact that you’re wearing a tank top on stage, and you’ve been doing copious amounts of press-ups before each show.”

“At least 300 push-ups, and covered in oil…”, Shawn answers half-jokingly (hey, it’s probably only 150 push-ups).

But Roman comes back to that image of oil being rubbed all over Shawn’s body. “Has someone rubbed oil on your body for a photo?”

Later, Roman brings up the ongoing feud between Shawn and fellow Canadian star Justin Bieber – as there’s an ongoing question on who would be better at ice hockey (a popular Canadian sport.)

And what would be a sport where it would be easier for Shawn to beat Bieber? “Weight lifting, definitely”.

We’ll pay to see that match. (Oh and just a reminder – Shawn said he would pay $500 for Justin Bieber’s used underwear. Maybe that could be the prize for the one who gets the trophy?)

Anyway, watch the full interview right here:


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