Oh, the challenges of playing a notorious adult film star: they are legion.

In the latest issue of PrideSource, 25-year-old actor Garrett Clayton unpacks his feelings about playing Brent Corrigan in Justin Kelly’s long-awaited King Cobra (in theaters and On Demand starting October 21). After discussing his contractually mandated butt shot, his favorite Brent Corrigan scene, and how one prepares for such a role, he surprisingly refuses to divulge his own sexuality to the interviewer, believing that “it just distracts” from his work.

Here are some highlights:

On preparing to play a gay adult film superstar:

king cobra

You want to watch someone’s work and study the way they’re into somebody or not. How do they kiss? Do they bite? Do they like biting lips? Do they like using more tongue? Are they more aggressive in their work? Does he play the victim?

On his favorite Brent Corrigan video:

It’s the first video he did with Bryan where he’s lying in the lawn. Nobody knew at that time that he was 17, and I was just surprised that there are so many sites that still have that video online. It’s crazy. And to see him as a 17-year-old doing this, and the fact that I can find it online – I literally just typed in “Brent Corrigan first video” and a bunch of different websites came up. I just think it was fascinating to watch somebody at that age doing what they’re doing. To me, that was the most interesting piece of work because, I mean, how could it not be?”

On being naked at home versus being naked on camera:

It’s a lot different being naked at home versus being naked on camera, in front of millions. When I’m naked at home, I’m not worried about what I ate three hours before! And it was really hard because catering, for some reason, kept making these crazy, unhealthy (meals), like macaroni and chili. Every day it was chili and macaroni and hot dogs, and I’m like, “I am on a diet. I can’t have bread, I can’t have carbs, I can’t have sugar, I can’t have dairy, and all you’re doing is supplying all those things.”

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