His 5-hour set starts at 5 p.m., at Mary’s Attic (5400 N. Clark Street) – and Speedos will, no doubt, be plentiful at this Tea Time.

“I Am Living is a tea dance that tries to brighten everyone’s day with high energy vocals,” said Andrew Perdzock, who creates video graphics and promotional business cards for I Am Living events.

Originally from Southern California, Cole began spinning vintage house tracks on an old vinyl system in a Dive Bar – and quickly his love and passion for house music began to evolve. He has produced his own original tracks and official remixes.  His major influences include Ralphi Rosario, Alyson Calagna, Pagano and Joe Gauthreaux.

Cole now lives on Chicago’s north side, and has DJ’d at events at and around Chicago Pride, Chicago Pride Fest, Market Days Chicago, IML, Milwaukee Pride, SKIN Productions’ Octane Party, and more.

Perdzock creates motion graphics to be displayed on the TVs at I Am Living events, plus the business cards that have a scannable QR code on them.  When scanned, they direct the person to the Facebook event.

Perdzock, 29, who lives in Boystown, has called Chicago home since February 2014 from his native Wisconsin.  He works as an IT support analyst.

He is dating Beau Guidry, who happens to be the founder/organizer for I Am Living Productions. The two had been talking on and off for years, and then when Perdzock spotted Guidry at the gym one day, he asked if he wanted to hang out. Their first date was dinner in the suburbs, followed by a trip to a local haunted house.

“I work in IT, end user support,” Perdzock said.  “When users inside of my organization have an issue with their laptop, they call me for tech support. I’m basically the guy from the meme, ‘Hello IT, have you tried turning it off and then back on again?’

“Other aspects of my job involve user account creation, management, as well as providing support to the various systems that are used by my organization.”

Perdzock added, “Because I work in IT at a tech firm, I am constantly able to learn new things. My company also has a great work culture. I also enjoy getting to be one of the first people to test out new laptops that we deploy.”

Sipping Tea with … Andrew Perdzock

Even my close friends will be surprised to know: “I have never traveled outside of the United States.”

Free time: “Outside of work, I go to the gym, (enjoy) watching comic book movies, play Xbox, and go on adventures with my boyfriend.”

Best part of living in Chicago: “Everything is walking distance from my apartment. If I get tired of one neighborhood, there is always another to explore.”

Worst part of living in Chicago: “The red line during rush hour.”

Favorite Chicago bar: “Depends on my mood.  Splash (from) 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on weekends; Hydrate, if I like the style of the DJ; and Replay, if I am looking for fun hang out with friends.”

Favorite Chicago restaurant: Rock’s – “Has awesome burgers.”

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Celebrity you’d like to meet: Patrick Stewart

Favorite vacation destination: Saugatuck, Michigan

Favorite pizza toppings: Pepperoni and mushroom

Boxers or briefs: Trunks


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