A hearty congratulations to newlywed couple Greg Berlanti and Robbie Rogers, who married on December 2 in Malibu, Calfornia.

On Instagram, Rogers writes:

“Still recovering from the most emotional beautiful day, exceeding any dream I ever had. To marry the man I love in front of all of my loved one’s was not something I grew up thinking would ever happen. Thank you to the men and women who made this day possible. Also thank you @hanaasano for capturing this picture, convincing Caleb to smile at the camera this long was impressive ;)”

As you may know, Berlanti is a producer of hit CW series Arrow and The Flash. And Rogers, a soccer star who formerly played for the LA Galaxy, made headlines when he became the first male athlete to come out in US pro sports in 2013.

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My two guys preparing for the big day ❤️

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The couple broke the news of their engagement on social media, late last year.

2016 was a great year for the couple! In addition to their engagement, the couple welcome a newborn baby boy, via surrogate.

In celebration of his wedding, Berlanti shared the following Instagram snap:

He writes:

“There are two decisions I’ve made in my life I’ve never been more sure of or that have made me happier — the first was becoming a Dad, the second is happening today with this man.”

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Visited my hometown and my childhood home in Rye NY briefly yesterday with @robbierogers and our son. I don't often get emotional on Insta but it was a powerful day and so I will share a bit more than usual. I grew up in house where my parents sister and I all shared one bathroom and because of how my parents raised us I never felt like I had any less than any other kid. We lived in a town where the same country clubs I could work at wouldn't let our family in as a member but again my parents were never bitter, they just encouraged me to work harder to achieve my dreams. And I was a closeted gay kid who knew of no openly gay people in the community and the only mention of it on the news was about the men that were tragically dying of a new disease ravaging their community. And yet, I feel as blessed now as I did then to have the remarkable upbringing I had and to have been so encouraged and loved along the way. I had many great role models, starting with my own parents, who taught me that no matter where or how I started, I got to create my own future. It's a future I feel incredibly blessed to live today. And so this for the kids who follow this feed who feel like their life may not be everything they want it to be right now — and to the people around them who teach and inspire them — if I can have the life I have now I know you can too. Okay, sermon done. I promise my next group of photos will be cute, entertaining and as shallow as possible. #peace. ❤️?‍?‍?

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