Stunning guy Joe Putignano is an American acrobat, gymnast, contortionist, aerialist and model from Raynham, Massachusetts. Now he lives in New York.

We can’t miss an opportunity to write about such a hunk. Of course as he told in one of his interviews he is acrobatics addict. So it isn’t surprising to have such a muscle body. By the way check this article out if you also want to gain big muscles as Joe Putignano has.

He trains a lot every day to keep fit and be ready all the time for his performances.

He trains everywhere even being at home.

Joe Putignano is also known as the best selling author of his Acrobaddict.


This is a book that he discussed in his countless interviews for Anderson Cooper360, CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, ABC, CBS, Headlining News, Huffington Post, CTV Canada, National Brazil TV Global, Instinct Magazine, The Advocate,

Joe Putignano, an acrobat and contortionist, has already performed in more than 1000 shows as the original Crystal Man in Cirque du Soleil’s “Totem.” He took part in performances on Broadway in the “Times They Are A Changin” choreographed and directed by the legendary Twyla Tharp. Joe was also invited to many shows at the Metropolitan Opera House, came to several TV shows and has even posed as a male model for many magazines.


He even willingly poses his bubble butt to cameras because he has a lot of fans who admire him.

Now, pleasant bonus for you – the hottest pics of Joe from his account on Instagram. Enjoy!

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