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After revealing what it was like to kiss the Baywatch actor, Efron makes a surprising announcement. Zac Efron has become the latest celebrity to take part in Vogue’s 73 Questions video, where he reveals a cheeky fantasy about a fellow actor. The Baywatch is asked a series of questions, such as what car he drives and what movies made him cry from laughter (Pineapple Express) and sadness (The Titanic), but it’s his remark about one of his co-stars that’s got us...

“Your balls are bullies…” If the prospect of seeing Zac Efron in full drag wasn’t enough to get you running to the cinema on Baywatch’s opening day, perhaps a kiss between the hunky former Disney star and The Rock might be. The official red band trailer – that’s the explicit one – has been released, and as well as featuring a severed leg and a plenty of talk about balls, it also includes a brief kiss between the two stars. It’s a...

You better work, Zac Efron! In the brand new Baywatch trailer, Zac Efron puts clothes on! (Shocking, we know!) Watch Zac don a drag disguise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyKOgnaf0BU He's not quite a glamazon, but we give him a props for the effort! "Baywatch" opens in the US on May 26. Source

Zac Efron is looking mighty fine in the latest trailer for "Baywatch." The Hollywood heartthrob and former Disney star rides a motorbike, strips off, and take a dive into the sea in an action-packed teaser for 2017’s Baywatch remake – and we’ve got a sudden urge to go to the beach. And it’s not just Zac who gets his kit off – while co-star The Rock might not show as much flesh, he does strip down to his swimming trunks for...
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The first official trailer for Baywatch the movie is set to premiere on Thursday, but that doesn't mean we can resist a tease offered by a shirtless Zac Efron! Zac tweeted: https://twitter.com/ZacEfron/status/806588527806992384?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw We're certainly ready to report for lifeguard duty... Source



Is this what straight guys do in their spare time? Is this what straight guys do in their spare time? If you haven’t been watching Big...
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Catch these queer hidden gems in high quality and at your leisure on gay streaming service Dekkoo Sponsored: Mainstream Hollywood has made some admirable, if...