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Matthew Lewis bares (almost) it all

Who'd have thought it, eh? Neville Longbottom, put-upon supporting character in the 'Harry Potter' franchise growing up to become a chiselled, smoking hot actor and cover star? Well, he did have that punch-the-air moment in the final movie... moviexplorers.com Matthew Lewis is one of those child stars who caused jaws to hit the floor when we saw him all grown up. Images from him starring in 'Bluestone 42' set the internet alight, and when he went on to do a cover...


These may be modeling photos of a young Taylor Kinney, but that full bush he's revealing is all man!!! Woof!! Source

Here’s a weekend treat that’s sure to please both your eyes and ears. New York actor and model Nick Sandell has been warming up his pipes. Uploading...