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Following the first 3 nights of my relaxing Bali adventure at the Grand Mirage Resort, the next place I was staying at had a lot to live up to. I took a short 15-minute cab ride to the Samabe Bali Suites & Villas on the southern coast of Nusa Dua and believe me when I

It might sound a little bit cliche for an Aussie to shake off the winter blues by escaping to the warm sunny beaches of Bali, but for my first trip to the island, I thought I would buck the trend and trade in the hustle and bustle of busy Seminyak for a more chilled vibe


Today this video blog became viral. John Barrowman, a star of “Doctor Who”, “Torchwood” and  TV’s Arrow, shot his daily video blog near the swimming pool. His...

Here’s a weekend treat that’s sure to please both your eyes and ears. New York actor and model Nick Sandell has been warming up his pipes. Uploading...