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18-year-old Kaeden Harveland is a Seattle-based professional Sugar Baby and blossoming social media maven, with over 50,000 YouTube subscribers and nearly 20,000 Instagram followers. “I have been doing this for two years now,” Kaeden tells HuffPost in a new interview. Yes, you read that correctly, folks. He’s 18 and he’s been “sugaring” for two years, which means he got started around the same time he got his driver’s license. “They pay me to just be with them,” Kaeden says. “The look is...


These may be modeling photos of a young Taylor Kinney, but that full bush he's revealing is all man!!! Woof!! Source

Here’s a weekend treat that’s sure to please both your eyes and ears. New York actor and model Nick Sandell has been warming up his pipes. Uploading...