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Now he’s being bullied at school

A teacher in Texas allegedly told a student, in a classroom full of other students, that her boyfriend is gay and he’s using her as a ‘cover’.

The moment occurred at Nixon-Smiley High School in Nixon, Texas.

The father of the student at the center of the rumor was the first person to bring up the incident, and called out the teacher for her behavior and words.

‘She expects those kids to carry themselves a certain way,’ he said. ‘Shouldn’t she carry herself a certain way?’

The teacher reportedly made the comments to a female student about her boyfriend. It is unclear if the male student was in the room when the teacher made the remarks.

‘When you say something like that in open class kids are going to talk and they’re going to go with it,’ the father continued.

He also added that his son is now being bullied at school. When he brought the incident to the school’s attention, the student’s father said he met with the principal and teacher.

According to the father, the teacher admitted the words and claimed she assumed his sexuality ‘because of the way he looks’.

He added his son is not gay, but that is not the point.

‘The problem is the teacher making a comment causing bullying in a school,’ he said. ‘She’s apologized but I didn’t want an apology. What’s done is done so there’s nothing she can take back.’

Bullying is a major problem for young students, especially if they identify as LGBTI. In August, a 9-year-old boy killed himself after intense bullying at school.

According to reports, school officials launched an investigation.

GSN reached out to the school district for comment.

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