New Verizon campaign says "It's never too late for love to call back" (screen capture)New Verizon campaign says “It’s never too late for love to call back” (screen capture)

Television viewers watching the Tony Awards last night were wrecked by a new video from Verizon that features real families who struggled with a family member coming out, but were eventually able to find better communication and understanding.

Verizon worked with PFLAG, the nation’s largest organization uniting families and allies with people who are LGBTQ, on the message that a bad “first call” doesn’t have to be the end of family relationships.

“It’s never too late for love to call back.”

Lee Hirsch, who helmed the award-winning 2011 documentary Bully, was brought on to direct the campaign. 

Titled “Love Calls Back,” the video features four real-life LGBTQ people who got a bad reaction when they called loved ones to come out.

The spot begins with a young woman speaking to the camera: “Me and my mom were always BFFs until I called her and told her I, like, want to date a girl… and she lost it.”

The camera cuts to the mother, who shares, “It was a shock. It’s not what I wanted for my daughter.” 

“She has to live her own life and do what she wants,” the mother continues. “I haven’t said that to her — but I think that would have made a big difference.”

The clip cuts to the mother calling her daughter to say, “You know when you first called me, I should have told you how much I loved you then.”

“Whoever you bring into this home will have my love also,” she adds.

Watch the 3:15 video below:

The Twitterverse was shook:


Verizon has announced a series of initiatives for Pride Month that includes content shared across major media outlets like Yahoo News and HuffPost, as well as employee engagement at 19 Pride events across the country.

The communications giant is also donating $250,000 to PFLAG to help build programs that offer support to families and their LGBTQ loved ones.

Verizon produced a similar spot with PFLAG last year as well, but in that sixty second spot, all goes well for those coming out:


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