Even though we live in 2019, some people just hate LGBTQ+ people, despite gay marriage being legally allowed.

Prejudice on the basis of sеxual orientation still exists in society, and the latest person to become the Internet’s newest enemy for doing so is this Texan bride.

The story begins with Kristian Cardenas, a freelance makeup and hair artist from Lubbock, Texas – a notoriously conservative town.
She recently lost a gig thanks to anti-gay opinion, and she has no legal recourse because she’s a freelancer.

However, she didn’t look for hatred or vengeance, but she dealt with the situation very graciously and got the best support one can get – from the public!

Check out the tweet she wrote:

Can you believe that? Oh my…

Thankfully, though, people were quick to show their love and support for the makeup and hair artist (whose work is AMAZING btw), and made the best out of the situation:


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