Ever since the Babadook became an unlikely LGBT icon, the terrifying horror character has got its claws into Pride.

There have been Babadooks spotted at Pride marches the world over, and now the inevitable.

A Babadook drag queen got engaged at Seattle Pride at the weekend, and it was predictably if horrifyingly sweet.

Fraya Love self describes as Super AWESOME DRAG QUEEN, Madonna and LadyGaGa impersonator, adding “I also moon light as a video hoe.”

Ahead of Pride, Fraya posted a few snaps and video on social media teasing an appearance as the Babadook.

And now Fraya is engaged to be married to partner Josh Williams, with a little bit of help from a small local business you might have heard of called Amazon.

“So this just happened. twistedangel8762 just proposed to me and I said YES!!!!” Fraya announced.


“Today we made an extra-special delivery to #SeattlePride – a proposal!” Amazon said.

“(She said yes! ❤️) #Pride2017”

Josh posted a more conventional picture of the engagement ring on his own Instagram feed.

“Here is the ring… And it fits perfectly!!!” he said,

“I am the happiest I have EVER been. I love you Louis!”

The Babadook was a low budget 2014 Australian horror film written directed by feature first-timer Jennifer Kent, based on her own previous short Monster.


With critical acclaim and strong word-of-mouth, the film about the mysterious creature stalking a 6-year-old and his widowed mum became a massive financial success.

The Babadook became an unlikely LGBT icon when the chiller was accidentally put in the LGBT Movies category on Netflix.

That led to his adoption by the community as a symbol of gay representation, with fans and drag queens donning his trademark top hat, face paint and claws.

The movie even got a special charity screening in LA to raise money to support LGBTQ awareness.

A crowdfunding campaign even hopes to get the Babadook immortalised as a sex toy called, you guessed it, the BabaDong.

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