The British athlete Tom Bosworth comes out as gay

The British athlete Tom Bosworth comes out as gay


British athlete Tom Bosworth became one more guy among world famous sportsmen who made his coming out as gay.

GettyImages-479559350.0.0 Tom Bosworth comes out as gay

25-year-old athlete is now ranked as first in the UK in race walking for 20 kilometers. Now he owns three national records.

And in his interview for BBC he decided to speak about his sexuality. “It is a big decision but it’s not one that’s going to change my life personally, I don’t think,” said Bosworth in his interview. “I’ve been comfortable in my sexuality and in a really happy relationship for the last four-and-a-half years, so this isn’t going to shock anybody who knows me. I’m really lucky. I’ve got a loving partner, great family behind me and a great setup in Leeds [sportsmen lives there]. Everyone is really supportive and really welcoming. … But that’s not the same for anybody else, unfortunately.”

Tom Bosworth comes out as gay

Tom added that it was a bit “frightening” to venture on this coming out, but he is a “real lucky” because he was supported in making this decision by his friends and family. He also received “99% support” from other athletes including Olympic champion Mo Farah as well as from his teammates. This important step made by Tom will teach other elite athletes to be more decisive and come out one day.

Tom Bosworth comes out as gay

“Yet homosexuality in sport is considered to be something unusual” – admitted Bosworth. “An athlete should always look strong, because he can only rely on himself. Perhaps some people think that homosexuality is a weakness, but I don’t agree” – claimed Tom Bosworth.

But not everything went so smooth. “I got called some really nasty names,” Tom said. “They wouldn’t call me by my name, they would literally refer to me as ‘fag’ or ‘queer.’ That’s how they would direct the conversation to me. And they would find themselves funny, I think, and not many other people found them funny.”

Bosworth said he was inspired by the coming out of one famous British diver Tom Daley. “If he can do it, anybody can do it for sure. The pressure on him has to be huge,” Bosworth said.

Tom’s full speech watch below:

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