bathroom sex

Last weekend was a long weekend here in NZ (Queens Birthday I think). Because of the work that Mike does he was working pretty hard late last week and on the weekend but on Saturday Mike called me and asked me if I wanted to head six hours north to Hamner Springs for a couple of nights.

Hamner Springs is well, it is a place where there are some natural springs. It’s a pretty funky little town that is only there because of tourists. I’ve been there a couple of times before – it is a good spot to spend a night on the way to or from somewhere. And I told Mike that I’d love to come along. I asked him if there was anything I needed to organise but he said he had everything organised and he’d pick me up when he finished work on Sunday around four o’clock.

guys in a car

Mike has a nicer car than me so I was happy to have him drive. The trip took us a good 6 and a half hours and we arrived up at the lodge around 11 PM.

gay kiss

The drive was nice (although it was dark) and Mike and I talked about everything on the way up. When we arrived at the lodge our room was absolutely FREEZING. We hadn’t eaten on the way up so we unloaded the car and went down town to the local pub which was open and had a light dinner (which kinda seemed like leftovers from the kitchen).

gays drink wine

At the lodge there is a private hot tub which you can book but it closes at ten PM, otherwise we would have saved our appetite for each other. Returning to the lodge the room was finally warm enough to get down to speedos and we did.

Mike had come straight from a full day’s work so we both had a shower together. We were both horny but kept the shower play to kissing and cleaning mostly…

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