Nayyef and Btoo, who are now married and living in Seattle, met in 2004 during the war in Iraq.

According to  Btoo  ‘gaydar’ helped them to dare to start the relationship.

‘He saw me and started inviting me for dinner and food, we started to talk and my heart started beating for him,’ Nayyef said.

‘It’s too difficult to be gay in Iraq,’ Nayyef said.

‘They find out about you and you either get tortured or get killed. So after our relationship is going bigger and bigger, we felt like we could not stay (there). And at the same time I was in danger because of my job working as a translator and that’s when I applied for asylum to go live in the United States.’

Nayyef was granted asylum but Btoo was initially not.

So the couple had to be separated for  four years without seeing each other.

‘This time (was) a really, really bad time,’ says Btoo. ‘He is my life.’

They spoke everyday on Skype.

After four years , finally they could be together again Nayyef quickly proposed and Btoo quickly accepted.

‘Believe me, after that, love wins,’ Btoo says.

DeGeneres asked about their families and if they know that they are gay. Obviously they don’t.

‘It’s not going to be good,’ Nayyef said.

‘I just want to tell them how much I love them. Especially my mom. I love her so much. But that’s me, that’s how I came to the world. But my happiness is with him, and I want to spend my whole life with him. I want to spend all my life with him.’

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