Meet Asher, the Aussie of our dreams.

If there’s one thing the LGBT community knows, it’s that there’s a lot more than one way to be a family.

When Dorien Bryant and Patrick Craves struggled to have kids, they followed in the footsteps of many gay (and straight) couples before them, and adopted a dog instead.


Seems totally normal, but we can’t take our eyes off how cute this puppy is. And what better way to kick off the weekend than by taking some time to ogle their adorable Australian Shepherd, Asher?


Aussies are typically highly energetic, requiring a great deal of exercise, but it shouldn’t be a problem for these new dads, as Bryant is a former football player.

Bored Panda reports that Bryant ended his aspiring NFL career early after no longer wanting to hide his sexuality, but he’s clearly found happiness being out and open with his new family.


If you’re feeling inspired, click here to learn more about adopting a pet of your very own.


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