Back in December, we introduced you to the Lip Balm commercial from Thailand that had a fun and surprising gay twist.

Then last week, we shared with you how Amsterdam-born clothing brand SuitSupply released a campaign celebrating gay love.

Now, we’re here to share with you that another company, this time for a fragrance product, is also into gay themed advertising.

Philippine clothing brand Bench/ sells many products under the sun. From men’s and women’s clothing to makeup, hair products, and even fragrances.

It’s the latter that’s getting our attention though, because Bench/ decided to produce a commercial for their So In Love Body Spray.

The advertisement shows a teenage boy living a double life. At home with dad he puts on the perfect persona for his father. He wears a baseball cap backwards, talks with a gruff voice, and talks about dating girls. But when he’s at school with friends, he lets his true personality flow.

But as the commercial’s title asks, “How Long Can You Keep A Secret?”

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