A gay man from Brighton gave two homophobes a hell of a surprise.

To prepare for Brighton Pride, 27-year-old Nick Hurley just happened to have a bag of glitter on his person. This became an unfortunate coincidence for two homophobes who passed him.

As Hurley was walking around, a car stopped beside him. One of the two men inside decided to yelled out the anti-gay slur “f*****.”

Hurley, the quick thinker, then thought up a creative way to combat the hate.

“In a moment of creative frenzy I realized I had a bag full of glitter. I opened one tube and reached inside the window,” he told Metro.

“I thought ‘this might be a bad thing to do’ and launched the tube of glitter in the passenger window,” he added.

“The traffic lights changed and the guys in the car looked flummoxed, as if to say ‘did that really happen?’”

Hurley later made a post about the moment on Twitter with a tweet that now has over 152,000 likes, 17,000 retweets, and 1.6 thousand comments.

Hurley also made sure to use the attention he was getting online to share that the glitter was biodegradable and to promote donations to the Stonewall Charity.

Through all the humor and laughs, Hurley shares that he’s had it way worse, and is thankfully he found a quick and creative solution for this much lesser attack.

“I have had death threats, a glass bottle thrown at me, a brick thrown at my house, all of these things have happened in Manchester.”

“I have been thrown off my bike while cycling to work. This isn’t the most horrific crime that has happened to me, but I wanted to raise awareness – in a funny way.”


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