Hsieh chose that park to propose to his boyfriend because it’s where they used to go on dates when they first met seven years ago

There are thousands of wedding proposal videos that have gone viral so it’s easy to become a bit jaded.

But every now and again a video comes along that thaws your cold heart and has you believing in love all over again.

One such video comes from Taiwan – a country whose government is close to becoming the first in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage.

Hsieh Cheng Lung is seen handing out balloons to people in a park and asking them to give them to him his partner once he proposes.

Many people are excited to be a part of his special life and Hsieh never reveals his partner is a man.

‘So the balloons are for the bride,’ one woman asks.

Hsieh tells the gathered crowd he chose that spot in the park to propose because when he and his partner started dating 7 years ago that is where they would often hang out.

Eventually a man and woman walk across the park together and Hsieh says ‘here comes my partner’.

Most of the gathered people presume it’s the approaching woman, but are still delighted when Hsieh reveals the man is his partner.
Only one person in the video say they do not support marriage equality, but otherwise everyone else is happy for the couple. The people interviewed on camera said that marriage equality should be legal in Taiwan.

The video has already racked up 1.8 million views, watch it below:


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