The former Olympic skier opens wide…

We all found out how Gus Kenworthy takes his sausage over the weekend, as a video of him tackling a hotdog went viral across Tumblr.

We wonder why…

The openly gay snow sports star gets a fair amount of the sausage into his mouth before he gets the giggles.

Gus opened up about his first year as an out athlete last October, reflecting on being able to have his boyfriend as his actual boyfriend at events.

“While competing I got to, finally, acknowledge my boyfriend standing at the bottom of the half-pipe cheering me on; something I regrettably failed to do in my previous 5-year-long closeted relationship,” he said.

And when it comes to social media, we all know Gus likes to show it off from time-to-time.

Especially when he’s skinny dipping.


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