Sense8 is almost back!

Yesterday, Netflix US’s official Twitter account announced the release date of the next and final installment in the series.

The entertainment media streaming platform shared that the show’s two hour series finale will drop on June 8th. Plus, they shared that the show will release worldwide that day with 20 languages being made available.

Sense8 is a Netflix original series about eight people living across the globe. One day, they realize that they’ve suddenly gained a psychic link with each other.

Now, they cannot only communicate while living nations apart, but they can use each other’s skills such as language skills, fighting skills, and scientific knowledge. Then, to add drama and suspense, there’s a secret society out to kill all humans like our heroes.

While the sci-fi/thriller/drama has a stable and devoted following, the series ended up being too expensive for Netflix. The company then announced last year that Sense8 was canceled after two seasons.

Their reasoning was that despite spending 9 million dollars per episode in season 1 (to film in multiple countries, fly essential cast and crew, and hire local production staff each separate time), the show never garnered a large enough following to warrant spending all that money. Though, some fans say the problem is Netflix didn’t spend enough time and money on promoting the show.

Despite all that, the cult following the show has gained was passionate and outspoken enough to strong arm Netflix into greenlighting a two hour season finale (to at least conclude the story).

While many fans were excited to hear that the show is coming back, and so soon, many responding to the Twitter announcement also stated they want a season three.

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