Tom Daley got into the spirit of Edinburgh and wore a kilt during a recent trip to the city.

After travelling up north – albeit with his trunks hanging above his head on the train the whole time – the 22-year-old diver embraced one of Scotland’s greatest traditions.

But did he stick with true Scottish tradition and ditch the underwear? This cheeky Instagram post is your answer.

Maybe it was a little too chilly to ditch the trunks in January.

In Tom’s latest vlog, he also travels to Glasgow for a book signing and can’t get over just how big the bed in his hotel room is.

Tom Daley’s regular YouTube series has already caused a right stir this year, after he kicked off 2017 by showing off his new red Calvin Klein briefs.

And how could we not mention Tom Daley going in hard at the gym, too.

What are to trying to do to us all, Tom?


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