Too Many White Guys On Grindr & Too Many Are Racist, Blogger...

Too Many White Guys On Grindr & Too Many Are Racist, Blogger Laments


“This morning I deleted a marketing email from Hinge, a high-end, Tinder-esque social dating app that only shows you hot guys if you have friends in common,” blogger Madison Moore in a new op-ed called How To Spot Sexual Racism. “Cool concept. But Hinge was the worst kind of dating app for me because I never matched with anybody. Not one person.”

The issue, Moore believes, is the color of his skin. He’s black. But, he says, “as I swiped and swiped I only saw white guys.”


“To be fair, all ‘the apps’ are white,” he continues. “Grindr is pretty fucking white, and so is Scruff, but at least people of color pop up from time to time. Hinge is the whitest dating app I’ve ever been on. I never once came across a person of color so of course that led me to think people weren’t clicking my profile because of the melanin in the room.”

Of course, Moore is hardly the first person of color to bring up this issue. Earlier this year, Michael Sam told Attiude that racism within the gay community is “terrible,” not to mention hypocritical.

“I just don’t understand that at all,” Sam said. “You want to be accepted by other people but you don’t even accept someone just because of the color of their skin?”

And plenty of other people have brought it up as well.

“I’m so annoyed,” Moore writes, “that in 2016 we’re still dealing with this issue.”

So he’s decided to take it upon himself to school folks on what he calls “sexual racism.”

“If you’ve ever said you don’t date Asian, Latino or black guys, either online, in a profile or with a group of friends, you are practicing sexual racism,” Moore explains. “Period. If your dating profile currently says, ‘white only’ or ‘into white’ you’re a sexual racist.”

Why? Because you’re excluding people based on their race is, by definition, racism, regardless of the reasons why you might be doing it.

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  1. “Because you’re excluding people based on their race is, by definition racism”
    “People of color can’t be racist against white people because reverse racism is not a thing.”
    Hypocrite much?
    “White supremacy is real”
    The author is delusional and a racist towards white people. And yes I agree there is no thing called reverse racism because it’s just called racism no matter who the target is.