Gay YouTube Couples
This happens to some youtubers who now are succesful YouTube stars that initially wanted to seek appreciation and acceptance from other people.

YouTube nowadays provides an outlet to share a personal message to the world about everyone else’s personality. Hundred hours of video is uploaded daily to YouTube, making it as one of the most influential channel that reflects our rapidly changing culture.

People who otherwise feel they don’t have anyone to talk to, would instead make the world as their audience, anticipating acceptance if not from the small circle that they are into but with the billions of audience all over the world. This happens to some youtubers who now are succesful YouTube stars that initially wanted to seek appreciation and  acceptance from other people. Coming out stories and couple vlogs are of those that are most watched especially to the LGBT community.

From the list of the Top 10 Lesbian YouTube Couples we presented recently, we now lay our list for the Top 10 Gay YouTube Couples of 2015.

Here they are:

10.) Brian and Jay

Brian and Jay are two fathers living together as one family with their 2 kids. They make weekly videos about the latest news with their lives. They show their subscribers the life and struggles of gay couples with children under one roof.

Check these two fathers and their kids:

9.) Billy and Pat

Billy and Pat has been married since December of 2013. They are vloggers who documents their life as partners and they also create fun videos such as traveling to new places.

You can check out this happily married couple on their channel:

8.) Michael and Matthew

Michael and Matthew met in YouTube about a year from now and became a couple. Since then, they make videos together from vlogs, challenges, tags and some other funny skits.

Check this cute couple on this channels:

7.) Vinny and Luke

Vinny and Luke are recently married couple. V is from New York and Luke is from England. They had long distance relationship for 7 years and finally live together in UK. Their videos are fun to watch since they do collab with other YouTubers and “would you rather” videos, also “truth or shot”.

If you want more of this couple, here are their channels:

6.) Dan and Brian

Dan and Brian are both vloggers that do video tags, q&a, advice videos, and other hilarious skits. They are a couple that is worth watching and definitely worth checking out.

Watch them together on these channels:

The next part is going to be even more interesting. Top 10 Gay YouTube Couples is coming soon. Follow us and don’t miss.

To be continued…

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