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Power comes in many forms and shapes, but in 2016 power means visibility, ability to make a change, to speak to a large audience and to have a significant contribution in society. These 10 gay men have the power, not only on screen or in their niche, but the power to make a change by showing the whole world who they are.

10. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, 55

Tim Cook is definitely an influential figure. He came out in 2014, and he later explained the reasons that made him show his true colors:  “It became so clear to me that kids were getting basically discriminated against, kids were even being disclaimed by their own parents, and that I needed to do something.”


It is also known that Apple is one of the most LGBT friendly company, and we are sure that Tim Cook had a substantial contribution.

9. Tom Ford, Designer, 50

Tom Ford is a worldwide known designer and he is one of the most powerful names in the fashion industry. He is a true inspiration for both gay and straight men. Last year he debuted in the world of cinema with an absolute great film, A Single Man.


Tom Ford has been in a long marriage with Richard Buckley and they proved love can last forever.

8. Zachary Quinto, Actor, 38


He is one of the greatest out actors, and 2016 seems to be very rich for Quinto. He has a lot of projects to work on and meanwhile he also supports the gay community.

7. Jussie Smollett, Actor/Singer, 32


Jussie told Out Magazine that he is gay, and he is fully supportive of all gay men, wanting to change people’s perception on black masculinity.

6. Ryan Murphy, Writer/Director/Producer, 50


Ryan Murphy is a revolutionary director and producer, and has proved his skills with American Horror Story, Glee, Scream Queens and American Crime Story. The showrunner has definitely brought a great contribution to pop culture and Entertainment in general. The hitmaker rules the world of TV shows and he’s not going to stop soon.

5. Neil Patrick Harris, Actor, 42


You’ve probably heard about Harris many times, and that is because he has power. He has the power to draw audience to his TV shows and he has the power to be the center of attention. His new projects include Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, in the role of Count Olaf.

4.  Michael Sam, Footballer player, 25

Michael Sam

He’s the first openly gay NFL football player and he is a revolutionary member of the LGBT community. Even if he doesn’t play football anymore, after coming out, Michael Sam wants to give it one more shot to get back in NFL.

3. Matt Boomer, Actor, 38


When actors like Matt Boomer come out as gay, the LGBT world blossoms with more pride as he is one of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood. American Horror Story is one of his great projects where he plays Lady Gaga’s lover. His upcoming projects include The Nice Guys, opposite Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe.

2.Tyler Oakley, Internet Celebrity, 27


He is a pop culture phenomenon and one of the most proeminent voices for the LGBT community. With 21 million followers on social media, who could deny the power of this young  YouTube and podcast personality, humorist, author and activist.

1.Dustin Lance Black, Screenwriter/Activist/Producer, 40

This is the man behind the movie Milk and that’s just a grand project of his. Besides doing Oscar-winning movies, Black is a fierce LGBT activist and his 2016 gay agenda is already full. He’s been vocal about the problems that the LGBT community is facing and he keeps on militating for equal rights.


“When I took to the stage at the Oscars in 2009 and promised that LGBT people of this country would soon know full federal equality, I was chastised by more than a few politicians and most movement leaders for pushing too hard too soon. So, for half a decade, I put my film work on the back burner and joined with others to help ensure that this promise became a reality,” Dustin Lance Black said for a publication.

Source photo: out.com

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