Of course, we should expect nothing short of spectacular when it comes to Capital Pride. Thankfully, Washington, D.C., never disappoints.

This year, festivities take place from May 31-June 9 and include a dizzying array of events from the rally and opening night party all the way through to the parade and festival. So, how to choose what to do?

We’ve enlisted help from the so-delicious-he-makes-us-hangry, Dusty Martinez, from Trade Night Club to provide the in and outs of Capital Pride season. (He also happens to be a great bartender and the club’s general manager.)

The best thing, for me, is that it feels like a small town in a big city. I love walking or biking around and running into people I know all over. It’s a great, diverse city full of so many different people.

My favorite part is how busy the city gets and how full of life it gets. So many people travel from all over to come out and show who they are, and are just so happy to have a space to feel safe and be themselves.

My friends and I tend to get together and have dinner a few days before what is sure to be a busy weekend. We all work in the [hospitality] industry so our Pride weekend is full of work and getting to see all the friendly faces that pop back and forth between our bars.

I’m a huge fan of Annie’s Paramount Steak House. Just recently they were awarded a James Beard Award.

If you’re from out of town I’d say check out P Street between 14th and 15th: That’s where the judges’ stage is. You can see all the floats come by and they stop there for a few moments and put on a show.

Yay! It’s one of my favorite events. It’s a great place for performances, vendors, and tasty food.

Bias aside I’d say check out Number Nine. If you’re looking for some great music and a nice rooftop, Dirty Goose is a pretty sweet spot.

Friday night I’d check out Riot!, the Pride opening party. It’s happening at Echo Stage and is supposed to be a huge event.


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