People panicked when the man started saying “death is not the end.”

A man shouting anti-gay passages from the Bible on a London train this week caused passengers to panic and flee onto the tracks.

The South Western Railway line into Waterloo experienced delays after passengers became frightened of the man for shouting Bible verses that declared gay men should be put to death.

One of the passengers spoke to the Richmond and Twickenham Times about the incident, saying that riders near the back began to panic over the man’s actions and decided to open an emergency door to escape while the train was stopped at a signal.

Despite the panic, another witness said that someone asked the man to stop because he was scaring people, and he obliged by simply putting his head down. Eventually a guard calmed the man down fully and guided him off the train.

Police were called to investigate, but found nothing suspicious on the train and no arrests were made.

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