The conversation about trans inclusion in sports will take center stage at the Outsports Pride Summit being held June 7 at UCLA.

Four women will engage in a conversation titled: “The real-life effects of the trans-athlete debate on trans women.” The conversation is aimed at discussing not just the power of sports inclusion in the lives of trans women, but also the impact the tenor and substance of the current debate about trans women in sports is having on them.

The panel discussion will feature the voices of:

It was in part Yearwood’s participation and success in Connecticut high school girls track and field that has sparked some of the current conversation about trans inclusion in sports. Anderson and Del Rosario both competed in the NCAA for the same school. Each woman has a lot to say about their experiences as a trans athlete.

You can join us for Outsports Pride in Los Angeles, June 6-9, by going to the event’s website and registering. The event is being sponsored by the Los Angeles Dodgers and is being hosted by UCLA.


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