President Donald Trump lost his cool on Wednesday when his chief of staff coughed during an interview in the Oval Office with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

Trump was in the middle of answering a question about his financial records when his top aide Mick Mulvaney could be heard coughing.

“And let’s do that over, he’s coughing in the middle of my answer,” Trump told Stephanopoulos.

“I don’t like that, you know, I don’t like that,” Trump continued, referring to Mulvaney’s coughing.

“Your chief of staff,” Stephanopoulos clarified.

“If you’re going to cough, please leave the room. You just can’t, you just can’t cough. Boy oh boy,” Trump said.

Washington Post reporter Jackie Alemany ‏tweeted: “Text from former 2016 Trump campaign staffer: ‘I was told by multiple people when I came aboard to never cough or sneeze while in the presence of Trump. He thinks it’s a sign of weakness and lack of control. Nobody ever recovers.’ ”


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