Trump Totally Supports LGBTQs — Just Not Their Rights

Trump Totally Supports LGBTQs — Just Not Their Rights

Donald Trump


Some things come great in twelves — eggs, doughnuts, Grindr notifications.

But it’s not an encouraging polling number, and that’s where Donald Trump’s LGBTQ support currently stands.

Despite the overwhelming rejection of the candidate by queer communities, Donald didn’t waste the opportunity at a recent Colorado rally to once again play the “pro gay” Republican character that one needs only to look at the facts to know is offensively inauthentic.

Trump grabbed the flag from the audience, which read “LGBTs For Trump,” waving it around as if performing some grand feat.

trumpThe problem, of course, is his record. Trump opposes same-sex marriage and has promised to put justices on the Supreme Court who would overturn Obergefell. He’s even said he’s against same-sex couples receiving spousal benefits.

He, like his even more adamantly antigay running mate Mike Pence, supports the First Amendment Defense Act, which would essentially allow anyone to discriminate against LGBTQ people on religious grounds.

We can’t think of a single reason to support Trump for the presidency, but if we were looking for one, his attitudes and positions towards the gay community would certainly fail to raise to the top.

Trump can wave a flag all he wants, but it’s a good thing 88 percent of LGBTQs see right through his showboating.

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