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Axed TV host David Benham has claimed that same-sex marriage is a Satanic plot.

David and Jason Benham were dropped as hosts of HGTV series ‘Flip it Forward’ in 2014, after it emerged they both had a record of anti-LGBT extremism.

David Benham, who has previously compared same-sex marriage to Nazi Germany and protested against Pride marches, is now a regular fixture at religious right events, claiming he was victimised for his religious beliefs.


Speaking on Liberty Counsel radio show ‘Faith and Freedom’ this week, Mr Benham claimed that equal marriage is a plot from Satan.

In the clip, snipped by Right Wing Watch, he claims: “We’ve deconstructed gender – it’s an ultimate attack on the Creator… you deny truth, then you have a darkened heart, then you displace God. God no longer matters. From there it goes to degrading passion and then a depraved mind.

So this is where we find ourselves as a culture, is with a depraved mind where we’re celebrating and even forcing others to participate in immorality.

He continues: “The Lord wants us to have life, and this whole deconstruction of gender, this whole redefinition of marriage, all of these things is a mask for Satan who is robbing and killing and destroying these people who desperately want life.

“They want to seek the love of a father, trying to find it in the arms of another man and they’ll never find it there.”

Benham has previously claimed he convinced a man to renounce his homosexuality – by offering him baseball tickets.

The Benhams have compared their experience of being sacked to hostages getting beheaded by ISIS.


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  1. Would someone please run these dumbass shit Head’s over repeatedly with a Mac Truck!! Why do we give people like this the time of day!!!

  2. Getting fired for spewing hateful lies is like being beheaded? Someone needs a reality check. With a bat.

  3. So sorry the devil has gotten a hold of you and turned you into a hater and liar. May you understand what God wants us to do which is to love and understand people from all walks of life. Don’t be so negative and lie about changing a Gay man straight. That is simply NOT possible.

  4. Anyone think it’s perfect that they look like the stars of some poorly produced gay twin porn..?

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