Another pair of brothers are coming out to their parent in a Youtube video.

The Coyle Twins are photographers, Youtubers, and brothers living in New York City. Luc and Cooper started their channel back in 2016 and have successfully grown it since then. Now, they have a stable 35,000 member following who will watch their vlogs about their everyday lives.

But, one special video that the twins put out recently was especially important. The twins decided that it was time for them to finally come out to their mom.

Let’s be honest, the boys aren’t exactly hiding their sexuality. That said, they’ve never openly talked about it to their parents, so they decided it was time to change that.

As Luc shares at the start of the video, “We’re not really hiding it, it’s just that awkward elephant in the room, break the ice, how do you say it?”

Want to see what their mom says after they come out to her over the phone? Check out the video down below to find out!

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