Tyler Posey: Gay or chasing popularity
SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 09: Actor Tyler Posey speaks onstage at MTV's "Teen Wolf" panel during Comic-Con International 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center on July 9, 2015 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)

Do you remember how long it took Ricky Martin to come out? And how he was “having a girlfriend” before publicly coming out?

Tyler Posey: Gay or chasing popularity


MTV star Tyler Posey seems to create confusion in the LGBT world, the same way Ricky Martin did. On one hand he has a fiancée, Seana Gorlick and he declared he is straight, and on another hand he also declared he has a Grindr Account and he jokes about the bond between him and his male co-workers on the set of Teen Woolf.

How did we hear about the Grindr account? Well, last year the” Teen Woolf” was asked if he had a Tinder account in the MTV special Being Tyler Posey. His answer was negative, he also didn’t know what Tinder was but he said that he had a Grindr account, which is the gay version of Tinder.

“Tinder? No, what is that? Is it like Grindr for straight people?” Tyler replied to the question.

Tyler Posey: Gay or chasing popularity


This may be another joke of many from Tyler, but what do we know about jokes: most of them are true. Furthermore,  in 2011 the same jokes were cheering up everyone. Here’s what happened when Tyler Posey and his co-star Dylan O’Brien participated in an interview:

Fan question:

“What’s your favorite scene in Teen Wolf?”

Tyler Posey:  “It was the scene where Dylan and I make out. That was my favorite scene.”

Dylan O’Brien:  “Yeah. Well, it got cut. It actually ended up getting cut.”

He still has a special bond with Dylan, which reminds us of another bonded couple of actors involved in a broromance (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Akles).  Tyler continues to state that he is straight, but in gay people’s fantasies he might be different.

“I’m straight, but I kiss my friends all the time, like, on the cheeks. I think best friends do that shit,” he says, explaining this closeness between him and Dylan.

Tyler Posey: Gay or chasing popularity


During the five seasons of Teen Woolf, the relationship between their characters became the core relationship of the MTV series and Posey believes that he and Dylan created that: “I honestly believe that Dylan and I created that character relationship,” Posey says. “If it were different characters on the show — if different actors were cast as our roles — it wouldn’t be the same. We have given so much life to the relationship and it’s very much us. We just love each other.”

This relationship created excitement among gay audience who are driven to fantasize about love stories between the two werewolves.

On the other side of the story, many people think this is just for publicity and gaining popularity, yet there is a question mark. People will always be suspicious about celebrities and whether they act naturally or they just try to gain popularity.

I do not try to make Tyler seem gay, but if he is, he would better come out and stop playing with gay’s people hearts until it’s too late and we will actually consider he is using the LGBT community, which would be sad.

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  1. Have ZERO IDEA who this is!!!! NOR do I care to!!!! I’m a 51 year old man!!! Came out in 1987!!! The height of the worst disease unleashed on gay and bi men n the world!!! Talk about coming out then? ESPECIALLY if your like me. A raised in the South AND southern Baptist church kid!!! That’s hard as FUCK!!! It’s 2016 now. And yall and kids are pulling this shit? No time for BULLSHIT!!!

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