Another provocative celebration from a US footballer took centre stage last night in an impressive World Cup semi-final match that saw England exit the tournament and the US move on to the final.

After scoring with a header in the 31st minute, US forward Alex Morgan ran to the side of the pitch, bringing her fingers to her lips as if she was sipping a cup of tea.

Some thought she was taunting England over the country’s love of tea, while others thought it might be a reference to the “Boston Tea Party” — one of the key protests during the American Revolution.

Morgan tweeted after the game: “Thanks for continuing to believe with us. And that’s the tea,” using a slang American expression meaning “that’s the deal” or “that’s the situation”.

The game also fell on Morgan’s 30th birthday, and she agreed while being interviewed after the game that it was probably her best birthday ever.

Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted: “Congrats to the #USWNT for earning that tea.”

The cover of the New York Post daily newspaper read: “Alex Morgan mocks England with sip from World ‘Cup'”.

It’s not the first time this US team has come under fire for goal celebrations.

In the first match the team played, the women beat Thailand 13-0 and still celebrated goals even as the margin between the teams’ scores increased. Critics said the team celebrated “excessively” and acted disrespectfully towards Thailand.

Many others defended the team saying no one would critique a men’s team in the same way.


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