Thomas Roszkowski of Maryland is a proud supporter of Donald Trump, and ever since the election his Silver Spring home has been targeted because of that support. The latest is a swastika spray-painted on his glass screen door.

The Vietnam veteran told WTOP Radio he was taking his wife to church on Sunday when they saw the vandalism to their Montgomery County house. And it wasn’t the first time they’ve been hit by those opposed to president-elect Trump.

“First they stole my yard sign, then I got a bigger sign,” said Roszkowski.


He and his wife live across the street from a high school, according to WTOP. Their house was egged a few weeks after putting up the signs, and one day after the signs came down, that’s when Roszkowski found the swastika.

“I’m not going to be intimidated by this BS,” Roszkowski said, “and that’s all this is. It’s just anarchy.”


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  1. check his fingers, check the garage for the can of paint… something sounds fishy

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