Orlando. There’s no reason to say what state or nation or even continent the city is in.  We all knew it growing up as the home of Disney. The place where happiness lives and breathes and grows.

Then Pulse Orlando happened and it was solidified on the global map even more.  We were just about to celebrate the 1st anniversary of marriage equality across the United States when the horrific event last June occurred.

I was supposed to go to Orlando Pride last month, but Hurricane Matthew had other plans and the event was moved to this weekend.

Is it fitting that Orlando Pride is happening now, just after, well, you know?  Is this the event that we need to happen to show that yes, we still do have Pride in our community.  Is it needed to show that we are loved by others right now and always.  Orlando Pride is coming at a vey important time for our Rainbow Family.  Let’s all celebrate Orlando Pride together.  Just as an awful tragedy brought us together around Orlando, maybe Orlando is here to bring us together once again.

Here’s some of the tweets of all the love in Orlando as well as some of the love being sent there, too.


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